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Of course when asked, “what is the most important part of your wedding celebration?” The wedding ceremony wins. However, your reception is the runner-up. Your reception is the area that allows your guests to see more of your unique personality and style as a couple. Below is a list of  reception styles to help you figure out what is best for your special day.

Breakfast Brunch Reception

Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast Brunch

For the couple that would like to have a morning wedding , a breakfast brunch would be an ideal choice.  This style of reception is a very intimate and inexpensive option.  You can lavish your guest in various types of omelets, waffles, marmalades and specialty sausages. Because of the time of day, dancing is most likely not happening with this type of reception. However, you and your sweetie will be able to leave for your honeymoon earlier.

Benefit: Inexpensive menu and you can leave for your honeymoon the same day.

Consider: Some of your guest are not early risers and not able to make it to your wedding. 

Luncheon Reception

With a  luncheon reception, you are able to offer a menu of items you would have at a dinner reception for a cheaper price. Also this reception style is shorter than the evening receptions with little to no dancing depending on your venue choice. Still this option is an awesome reception with great menu choices.

Benefit: luncheon is still less expensive than dinner and  you are able to serve some of your dinner favorites for a cheaper price. 

Consider: Not too many guests will want to dance at a lunchtime event.

Afternoon Tea Reception

For our hopeless romantics this option is perfect! Create an old fashion English tea time with this delightful and affordable reception. A traditional tea time is a mix of sweet and savory. Provide  your guests with menu options of tea sandwiches filled with chicken salad or salmon paste with various scones, jams, fresh fruit, traditional teas and don’t forget the wedding cake!

Sweet and Savory are food options for an afternoon tea reception

Sweet and Savory are food options for an afternoon tea reception

Benefit: An afternoon tea event is a great opportunity for creativity. This style of event also works well for couples with a large guest list and a small budget.

Consider: This type of wedding reception does not offer a full meal for wedding guests.

Champagne and Dessert

This reception style was the tradition after a wedding ceremony. No asking your guest to travel to a different site. Simply enjoy luxury desserts and champagne toasting. This style of receptions is a very elegant upscale option with a significant savings on your pockets.  Have prepared various dessert options with champagne, tea, and coffee option for your guest.

Benefit: This option is sophisticated and inexpensive. 

Consider: This reception does not offer a real meal for guests and because of the sweet menu, there are no provisions for diabetics. Over very quickly

Buffet Dinner Reception

The couple who is looking for a more casual reception with menu options for their guest should consider a buffet option. A buffet reception save  you money because you don’t need to pay for a wait staff. You also have a larger choice of food options to accommodate the diets and taste buds of your guests.

Benefit:  Offers a variety of options for your guest and encourages them to get out of their seats and mingle. 

Consider: Guest tend to spend a lot of time in line for food and not an elegant option. Also you may run out of food or have too much left over.

Sit-Down Dinner Reception

If the budget can afford to have table service for your guests  a sit-down dinner is an elegant and traditional option. Those who select this option do so because of the ambiance formal service offers. This style usually offers one to three entrée options with an appetizer, salad or soup with side dishes and dessert.

Benefit: Makes it easy for the couple to calculate the amount of food needed and provides portion control. Because everyone eats at the same time, it allows for people to finish their meals quickly and enjoy more time on the dance floor partying.

Consider: The cost of this reception is not cheap and collecting your guest RSVP and meal choice is stressful when they don’t respond timely.

Food Station Reception

A new twist on a Classic food

A new twist on a Classic food

This is the latest trend for couples. Food stations offer more food options for your guest. Food stations also allow you be able to serve samples of traditional foods in a creative way. For example, a triangle grilled cheese with a shot of tomato soup. You can also go from appetizer, to an entrée item, to desserts very easily.

Benefit: Food stations are a foodies dream. They give a lot of creativity and fun options for your wedding guest. This allows you to have full creative and unique control of a wedding theme. 

Consider: While you are not serving a meal, it can still be expensive to make sure you have enough food for the timing of your reception. You also have to ensure the stations are far enough apart for crowd control.

Keep Planning Gems!

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