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Most little girls start planning their wedding years before there is even a groom. Now your engaged and excited to fulfill your wedding dreams. However, the price tag is steeper than you expected? Don’t start panicking. You can still have your fabulous wedding by using some of these  following tips.


wedding season

Wedding season is usually when the prices of various vendors are at the highest prices.

When planning your wedding, the first order of business is to select your venue and date. Saturday evening weddings are 15% more expensive than other days of the week. Consider having an early day wedding or brunch wedding. This will save you money in more than one way. Most people drink less during the day and most caterers do not have an appetizer menu for brunch hours.  Which allows extra savings on food and beverage. If your preference is to drink and party all night, look at having your wedding on a Friday night. You can  have your dream reception at a discounted rate.

Also, the rates for wedding venues and vendors are higher during wedding season: May-October. Consider having your wedding during off-season months: November-April. Keep in mind that the weather is cooler during the off season time depending on your region. Plan wisely!!


guest list

Of course you want everyone you know and love to celebrate your union. However, with the cost of catering everyone becomes the select few. To keep the price down,  do not allow your single friends to bring a date.  Just think cutting 10 extra people with an estimate cost of $100 per plate your saving an extra $1000. That sounds like honeymoon money to me!


back of wedding dress

Look for fabrics that are not expensive

To economize on your dress consider all the fabrics that dress makers use. For example, selecting a dress that has a lower end satin can cut the price by almost  two-thirds. Also considering  the right season for dress shopping. Shopping in the late spring/early winter will allow for you to take advantage of the bridal gown season.  If you really wanted to stretch your budget, choose a bridesmaids gown and order it in white and VOILA! You have a wedding gown.


Believe it or not, people usually over spend on dessert. By time your guest get to the wedding cake they are full of food and fun and  much of the cake does not get eaten and goes to waste. Consider renting a cake(yes, I did say rent). With a rent a cake you have a cake made of styrofoam covered in fondant. The

wedding cake

Renting a cake is a growing trend and known way to cut the price of your cake

cake is decorated just like your dream cake. However, there is only one real layer of cake so when you are doing the cake cutting ceremony you are cutting into a real cake. After your pictures, your caterer moves the cake to the back where there is a sheet-cake  that they will cut up and serve to your guest.  Renting a cake can cost as little as $150. That is at least a 50% savings.


Wedding Planner pic

Of Course there is no way I could round out this suggestion list without stressing how important it is to hire a professional  consultant. Hiring a consultant can not only save you time but  you will be able to save money by  using your consultant’s network of vendors. Usually consultants have exclusive deals they work out with various vendors. The only way for you to take advantage of the deals is to hire a planner.

Using all or some of the above is a sure way to maximize your budget and create the wedding of your dreams!
Keep Sparkling Gems!