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With the average price of a wedding ranging around 27,800 (reference the Knot), A bride may try to figure out where she can fit a wedding planner into her budget and if it’s even necessary. Well let me tell you, a Wedding Planner can add money back to your budget and aid you in pulling off an amazing event and allow you to enjoy the planning process at the same time. Below are the top 5 reasons for you to strongly consider hiring a wedding planner.

5. Orchestrate – Wedding or event planners can do as much or as little as you would for them to do. They can organize and produce a wedding from beginning to end or offer day of services. If you decide to go with a day of service, make sure to ask your planner if their service plan includes your rehearsal. It should so they can know exactly what you  want to happen on the day of your wedding.

4.Schedule Creator – Producing a grand event such as a wedding requires a well-organized timeline of events. Knowing when to send invitation, when to speak to your wedding official, and when to schedule your first and last dress fittings all can easily be over looked when overwhelmed with all the details of your wedding. A planner will have a timetable and be able to guide you to make sure you are able to have everything needed to pull of your wedding with no issues.

3. Dream Maker – Wedding planners are very creative people. They can help produce the wedding of your dreams with the inspirations you share. They can help take your ideas and make sure you have elements of your wedding that fit your style and budget.

2.Relationship Saver – A lot of times your planner will be deal with more than just the planning and organizing of your wedding. They will also at times serve as a buffer to helping to handle sensitive family issues that arise during stressful moments. There is a reason therapy works with a third unbiased party. 

1. Time Saver and Money Saver- Great planners have built outstanding relationships with various vendors. Because of the relationships developed, they are able to negotiate for the best prices from professionals who are reliable and able to produce the best results for you. 

If you are in the Maryland, DC, or VA area and looking for a planner contact Infinite Possibilities  at 443.379.4053

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