Planning a wedding can be stressful and frustrating for many couples. Appointments, Venue searching, teleconferences…You think of it and it gets added to your things to do list. Along with the preparation of your special day, your dollars are going right along with each vendor as you book them. So what can a couple do that is fun, free, and should be on your to do list? How about create a GIFT REGISTRY!!!

Many couples don’t recognize the importance of creating a gift registry and how easily it can be done. Your guests want to shower you with gifts of well wishes as you begin your new life. Below are some of the top reasons to create a registry.

1. YOU GET TO SHOP WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY– How much fun is it to shop and not spend a dime?  This is one of the only times you will have that opportunity. You can request any and everything your heart desires.

2. ASK FOR THINGS YOU ALWAYS WANTED IN YOUR HOME – You are beginning your new life as a family. To have a comfortable home that you are proud of, request the things YOU have always wanted. Consider your registry as your wish list. So put any and everything you wanted on your registry.

3. UPGRADE ITEMS THAT YOU ALREADY POSSESS– Most likely you still have some possession from your college dorm. Those items were great during that part of your life. However, now is the time to upgrade and get the latest and greatest in technology.

4. RECEIVE ITEMS YOUR REALLY WANT– Your guest appreciate not having to think long and hard on what to gift you with in celebration. By creating a registry, you save them time and convenience of purchasing items you really want to enjoy.

5. SPECIAL REWARDS– Some businesses will give you special gifts and rewards just for registry with them. So don’t forget to ask!

As a note, you should have multiple registries at different stores, to make the process simpler and easy to manage. Have each store specialized for various items. For example, have all cookware, electric appliance, and china registered at Macy’s. Register your cooking tools and gadgets at Crate and Barrel.  Being strategic and organized allows you to not register for duplicates.

Always need a great cooking set!