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For most brides everything you do is for a reason, So why let your bouquet be any different. Here is a list of meanings for various flowers courtesy of MISSMYRVOLD. Thanks!


Ever thought about what the flowers in your bouquet represent?  Below are a variety of bouquets decoded.

lily-of-the-valley – Happiness and Purity of the Heart

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

Daffodils – Represents Respect

Hymenocallis – Signifies  Beauty

Ranunculus – Dazed by your Charm

Narcissus- Symbolizes Rebirth and New Beginnings

Columbine – Folly

White Ranunculus – Innocents, Radiant Charm

Pink Ranuculus – Happiness and Grace, Radiant Charm

Plum Tulips – Declaration of Love

Violets – Modesty, Virtue and Affection

Pansies -Merriment

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

In case you a superstitious and don’t want any bad omens at your wedding here are some potential flowers that might cast an unfavorable meaning in your bridal bouquet:

  • Larkspur – Infidelity
  • Foxglove- Insincerity
  • Marigold – Grief
  • Lavender – Distrust
  • Yellow Rose- Jealousy
  • rhododendron – Danger

To decode your bouquet or to look for inspirations check out the Teleflora website to find…

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