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ImageYou are excited and looking to plan a spectacular event. A major component to your event is deciding who to invite. While on the surface this may seem like an easy task, once you start to consider your venue, menu, decor and overall budget, you may notice that you may not be able to afford to invite everyone. So unfortunately, you look to make some cuts in the number of attendees at your special occasion. So, how do you decide who makes the cut and who doesn’t? I have a strategy to approach this task with confidence.

The goal of creating your guest list is to have family and friends who will serve as witnesses to your union and celebrations. Realize this strategy can be used for birthday parties, baby showers, or any kind of event where you need to monitor your guest list. To start your guest list you MUST KNOW THY BUDGET. Your budget is everything. You have to know what you can afford to make an informed educated decision. Without knowing your budget you can set yourself up for a disaster, and that is NOT the way to start a marriage. You can expect to spend 48-50% of your budget on your reception. Knowing how much you are working with, will allow you to know how much you can spend per person.  Once you have that number you can begin creating you guest list.

Your guest list is going to go through a few revamps before you get to the master guest list. Below are the steps to take to get to your final master guest list.

Step 1: Generate a List – Compile a list of people, who you want to invite. Have your husband to be, your parents, and your fiancé’s parents also compile a list of people they want to invite.

**usually the number of guest is divided evenly between the bride and the groom’s family.**

Step 2: Prioritize your List – Divide your list into three (3) categories, Must Invite, Should Invite, and Could Invite. Go through your list and label each person according to the categories. Must Invite are for family and friends that you could not even imagine not being present for your special day. Should invites are for friends that fall in if you didn’t meet your cap with your must invites and could invite fall in after the should invites.

Step 3: Once you have organized your list. compile it with your fiancé’s list. and parent’s list if applicable with the appropriate categories. Must  Invites will get an invitation, If there is room after the must invites move into Should and then the Could.

You then have your Master Guest List!!!

Things to keep in mind:

  • If a person you are inviting has been in a long term relationship consider inviting their signifiant other
  • Don’t feel obligated to give your single family & friends the option of a +1 ( you are paying per person)
  • Figure out if you are inviting children, they all count as a per person and towards your final number
  • You do not have to invite people you work with, Who knows how long you will continue to work with them.