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You’re ENGAGED!!!!  So after you have locked down your venue, your next order of business is a once in a lifetime garment. It’s majestic array is more than a dress…It’s  your WEDDING GOWN!!!! This is the one time where you will outshine the masses. You will  wear the most spectacular attire for one of the most spectacular days of your life!!

Traditionally, a bride is known to wear an all white gown to her wedding. There are over 200 shades of white wedding gowns. So how do you know which white is the perfect white for you on your special day? Well how bout you put a modern twist on your wedding gown and instead choose a gown that is white with a pop of color or choose one in a totally different hue. Brides today are choosing to stand out and make a statement by having thier gowns not follow the norm of past brides. Your Gown can vary by style, length, and color.

If you are looking to show your unique style for your special day, consider making your gown  a staple piece. Most bridal boutiques will be able to provide you with some options. Here are some examples of non-traditional wedding gowns.

Keep Sparkling Bridal Gems!

Vera Wang Gowns- Black Gowns aren’t wishing bad omens on your marriage. Black Gowns are a staple of Class and Elegance.

Kitty Chen Couture- Love the sexiness, and elegance of this gown.

This pop of color can match your accent color of your wedding

Maybe this could be your something blue? Bold and Daring!

A satin sash is an easy way to add a touch of color to your wedding Gown