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The history and tradition of why a bride would wear a veil is different depending on the culture and time frame being analyzed. There was a time when the reason for the veil was just to cover the hair and back of the neck for the bride. There are reasons that range from the bride wearing a veil to block evil spirits as well as being used for arranged marriages to prevent the groom from backing out, just in case he doesn’t like what he saw. Now while none of these claims can be verified as the sole reason for a bridal veil, it doesn’t make it any less humorous and causes me to chuckle.

For some of my modern brides ,she may opt to stay away from the traditional covered face veil,  and go for a little fun in fashion. Below you will see a variety of veils by length, fabric, and overall style… Take a look at some of the modern twist to wearing a veil.

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Blusher Veil

A blusher veil can be worn with virtually any style of dress.

This is a Twist on the Tradition. Instead of a veil wear a bridal hood.

Chapel Veil

The length of a Chapel veil touches the floor. but doesn’t drag behind

Fascinator Veils have been popular since the royal wedding. Thanks Kate!

Forget the Veil just go with a beautiful comb or pin