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So television is always a good place to gain some insight and inspiration for wedding ideas. They have shows to showcase a wedding being planned from beginning to end, a bride going through the process of selecting her dress and they even have shows the promote the Bridezillas  This season they have added another prospective of the planning process to television.. Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids. I have instantly become a fan of the show because of the variety of gowns and dresses they showcase for the bridesmaids. The show has inspired me to share with you some of the beautiful bridesmaids dress and suggestions for selecting the dress for your wedding party!

1. Consider all the size types of your attendants– While all bridesmaids can fit a dress, All dresses can’t fit your bridesmaids. Look for styles of dresses that allow your girls to feel and look fabulous.

2.To be the same or Not to be – Since there are different size addendants consider allowing them to wear various styles of dresses in the exact same color  and length or just choose the fabric and color. Either way you can’t loose if they feel confident and comfortable.

3. Don’t try to do it all by yourself– Solicit the assistance from a few of your attendants to help. Don’t ask for more than 3 attendents because too many opinions can make it more challenging for you to come to an opinion.


strapless two-toned bridesmaid dress simply beautiful and elegant.

One Strap Bridesmaid dress

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! Has such a classic glam to it!

Glamorous Bridesmaids Gown

The color pops and the dress has a Hollywood Glam

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