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Bridal Gems:

Life has blessed me… I could also say it has cursed me but, I’ll focus on the positive. Being able to live to God’s purpose is a journey that has so many different turns and rewards. I have always been a solutions seeker and provider to help, guide and aid the frantic. I am gifted with soothing anxiety and reassure HER that everything is going to be OK. Who knew that the skills that I have been blessed to practice would lead me to a career!! A career that will be fulfilling and offer an option where I will be able to provide an exceptional joy and happiness to a COUPLES Life.


This is the first blog entry of many to help future brides plan, organize and gain inspiration for one of the most important days of her life.  So Here is your first keepsake… An Exquisite Wedding, starts with a phenomenal Plan!!!


1. Organization is KEY– Get a Binder or accordion folder to hold and organize all of your wedding info.

2. Budget is Everything– Determine how much you will spend on your event. Even before your guest list and reception. Don’t forget to include the Bridal and Groom attire in your budget expenses.

3. Stay in your Lane– Would you go to a dentist for a broken bone? Of Course NOT! While he is a doctor, He is a teeth specialist. Treat your wedding the same way. Hire specialized professionals so you can have the best outcomes possible.

4.Stay True to Thyself- Do not compete or compare your ideal wedding to the next bride. This is a day about YOUR union with YOUR significant other. No need to try to keep up with the Jones’. Focus on what you like, love, and can afford.

5. Enjoy Your Engagement– Planning a wedding is fun! Don’t stress out and worry about the minor things. Spent time with your loved ones and allow them to dote on you and your fiancé.

Keep Sparkling My Bridal Gems!!