What Receptions Style is Best for Your Budget?


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Of course when asked, “what is the most important part of your wedding celebration?” The wedding ceremony wins. However, your reception is the runner-up. Your reception is the area that allows your guests to see more of your unique personality and style as a couple. Below is a list of  reception styles to help you figure out what is best for your special day.

Breakfast Brunch Reception

Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast Brunch

For the couple that would like to have a morning wedding , a breakfast brunch would be an ideal choice.  This style of reception is a very intimate and inexpensive option.  You can lavish your guest in various types of omelets, waffles, marmalades and specialty sausages. Because of the time of day, dancing is most likely not happening with this type of reception. However, you and your sweetie will be able to leave for your honeymoon earlier.

Benefit: Inexpensive menu and you can leave for your honeymoon the same day.

Consider: Some of your guest are not early risers and not able to make it to your wedding. 

Luncheon Reception

With a  luncheon reception, you are able to offer a menu of items you would have at a dinner reception for a cheaper price. Also this reception style is shorter than the evening receptions with little to no dancing depending on your venue choice. Still this option is an awesome reception with great menu choices.

Benefit: luncheon is still less expensive than dinner and  you are able to serve some of your dinner favorites for a cheaper price. 

Consider: Not too many guests will want to dance at a lunchtime event.

Afternoon Tea Reception

For our hopeless romantics this option is perfect! Create an old fashion English tea time with this delightful and affordable reception. A traditional tea time is a mix of sweet and savory. Provide  your guests with menu options of tea sandwiches filled with chicken salad or salmon paste with various scones, jams, fresh fruit, traditional teas and don’t forget the wedding cake!

Sweet and Savory are food options for an afternoon tea reception

Sweet and Savory are food options for an afternoon tea reception

Benefit: An afternoon tea event is a great opportunity for creativity. This style of event also works well for couples with a large guest list and a small budget.

Consider: This type of wedding reception does not offer a full meal for wedding guests.

Champagne and Dessert

This reception style was the tradition after a wedding ceremony. No asking your guest to travel to a different site. Simply enjoy luxury desserts and champagne toasting. This style of receptions is a very elegant upscale option with a significant savings on your pockets.  Have prepared various dessert options with champagne, tea, and coffee option for your guest.

Benefit: This option is sophisticated and inexpensive. 

Consider: This reception does not offer a real meal for guests and because of the sweet menu, there are no provisions for diabetics. Over very quickly

Buffet Dinner Reception

The couple who is looking for a more casual reception with menu options for their guest should consider a buffet option. A buffet reception save  you money because you don’t need to pay for a wait staff. You also have a larger choice of food options to accommodate the diets and taste buds of your guests.

Benefit:  Offers a variety of options for your guest and encourages them to get out of their seats and mingle. 

Consider: Guest tend to spend a lot of time in line for food and not an elegant option. Also you may run out of food or have too much left over.

Sit-Down Dinner Reception

If the budget can afford to have table service for your guests  a sit-down dinner is an elegant and traditional option. Those who select this option do so because of the ambiance formal service offers. This style usually offers one to three entrée options with an appetizer, salad or soup with side dishes and dessert.

Benefit: Makes it easy for the couple to calculate the amount of food needed and provides portion control. Because everyone eats at the same time, it allows for people to finish their meals quickly and enjoy more time on the dance floor partying.

Consider: The cost of this reception is not cheap and collecting your guest RSVP and meal choice is stressful when they don’t respond timely.

Food Station Reception

A new twist on a Classic food

A new twist on a Classic food

This is the latest trend for couples. Food stations offer more food options for your guest. Food stations also allow you be able to serve samples of traditional foods in a creative way. For example, a triangle grilled cheese with a shot of tomato soup. You can also go from appetizer, to an entrée item, to desserts very easily.

Benefit: Food stations are a foodies dream. They give a lot of creativity and fun options for your wedding guest. This allows you to have full creative and unique control of a wedding theme. 

Consider: While you are not serving a meal, it can still be expensive to make sure you have enough food for the timing of your reception. You also have to ensure the stations are far enough apart for crowd control.

Keep Planning Gems!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Top Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding


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Most little girls start planning their wedding years before there is even a groom. Now your engaged and excited to fulfill your wedding dreams. However, the price tag is steeper than you expected? Don’t start panicking. You can still have your fabulous wedding by using some of these  following tips.


wedding season

Wedding season is usually when the prices of various vendors are at the highest prices.

When planning your wedding, the first order of business is to select your venue and date. Saturday evening weddings are 15% more expensive than other days of the week. Consider having an early day wedding or brunch wedding. This will save you money in more than one way. Most people drink less during the day and most caterers do not have an appetizer menu for brunch hours.  Which allows extra savings on food and beverage. If your preference is to drink and party all night, look at having your wedding on a Friday night. You can  have your dream reception at a discounted rate.

Also, the rates for wedding venues and vendors are higher during wedding season: May-October. Consider having your wedding during off-season months: November-April. Keep in mind that the weather is cooler during the off season time depending on your region. Plan wisely!!


guest list

Of course you want everyone you know and love to celebrate your union. However, with the cost of catering everyone becomes the select few. To keep the price down,  do not allow your single friends to bring a date.  Just think cutting 10 extra people with an estimate cost of $100 per plate your saving an extra $1000. That sounds like honeymoon money to me!


back of wedding dress

Look for fabrics that are not expensive

To economize on your dress consider all the fabrics that dress makers use. For example, selecting a dress that has a lower end satin can cut the price by almost  two-thirds. Also considering  the right season for dress shopping. Shopping in the late spring/early winter will allow for you to take advantage of the bridal gown season.  If you really wanted to stretch your budget, choose a bridesmaids gown and order it in white and VOILA! You have a wedding gown.


Believe it or not, people usually over spend on dessert. By time your guest get to the wedding cake they are full of food and fun and  much of the cake does not get eaten and goes to waste. Consider renting a cake(yes, I did say rent). With a rent a cake you have a cake made of styrofoam covered in fondant. The

wedding cake

Renting a cake is a growing trend and known way to cut the price of your cake

cake is decorated just like your dream cake. However, there is only one real layer of cake so when you are doing the cake cutting ceremony you are cutting into a real cake. After your pictures, your caterer moves the cake to the back where there is a sheet-cake  that they will cut up and serve to your guest.  Renting a cake can cost as little as $150. That is at least a 50% savings.


Wedding Planner pic

Of Course there is no way I could round out this suggestion list without stressing how important it is to hire a professional  consultant. Hiring a consultant can not only save you time but  you will be able to save money by  using your consultant’s network of vendors. Usually consultants have exclusive deals they work out with various vendors. The only way for you to take advantage of the deals is to hire a planner.

Using all or some of the above is a sure way to maximize your budget and create the wedding of your dreams!
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5 Reason to Hire a Wedding Planner


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With the average price of a wedding ranging around 27,800 (reference the Knot), A bride may try to figure out where she can fit a wedding planner into her budget and if it’s even necessary. Well let me tell you, a Wedding Planner can add money back to your budget and aid you in pulling off an amazing event and allow you to enjoy the planning process at the same time. Below are the top 5 reasons for you to strongly consider hiring a wedding planner.

5. Orchestrate – Wedding or event planners can do as much or as little as you would for them to do. They can organize and produce a wedding from beginning to end or offer day of services. If you decide to go with a day of service, make sure to ask your planner if their service plan includes your rehearsal. It should so they can know exactly what you  want to happen on the day of your wedding.

4.Schedule Creator – Producing a grand event such as a wedding requires a well-organized timeline of events. Knowing when to send invitation, when to speak to your wedding official, and when to schedule your first and last dress fittings all can easily be over looked when overwhelmed with all the details of your wedding. A planner will have a timetable and be able to guide you to make sure you are able to have everything needed to pull of your wedding with no issues.

3. Dream Maker – Wedding planners are very creative people. They can help produce the wedding of your dreams with the inspirations you share. They can help take your ideas and make sure you have elements of your wedding that fit your style and budget.

2.Relationship Saver – A lot of times your planner will be deal with more than just the planning and organizing of your wedding. They will also at times serve as a buffer to helping to handle sensitive family issues that arise during stressful moments. There is a reason therapy works with a third unbiased party. 

1. Time Saver and Money Saver- Great planners have built outstanding relationships with various vendors. Because of the relationships developed, they are able to negotiate for the best prices from professionals who are reliable and able to produce the best results for you. 

If you are in the Maryland, DC, or VA area and looking for a planner contact Infinite Possibilities  at 443.379.4053

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What a way to help brides who are not sure how to pick their future husbands rings.


Every women looks through wedding magazines at some point, or looks at the jewelry counter at the diamond engagement rings and knows what type of ring is right for her.  We almost make it easy on the guys! Most of us drop hints or point out what we like but guys are not always that easy. Maybe a few of these rings are just the inspiration you needed to pin point what type of ring you will give to your future husband.

Contemporary-  This type of man wants to show off his personality and sense of style. Contemporary rings allow for couples to create their own piece of art that they can show off to the world every day. It is usually a bold statement and a bold representation of the couple.

Traditional – This is a no frills, non-materialistic man. He understand the significance and symbolism of a traditional…

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Destination Weddings: Where do you go?


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Looking for a way to cut the cost of your wedding but still have a phenominal setting? Consider have a destination wedding. There are many reasons  a destination wedding may be perfect for you and your future spouse. Destination weddings are known for creating unique wedding experiences, That will have you and your guest talking for years to come.   Also, a destination wedding can double for the honeymoon and be a relaxing vacation for your guest.  According to Away.com, Destination Weddings often allow couples to save upwards of $20,000 versus a traditional wedding! Below is a list of the top ten destination locations according to Away.com.

10. Palau Logistics in planning a Palau shindig aren’t as difficult as you may think. Continental Airlines flies to Palau out of Houston and Los Angeles, connecting in Honolulu and Guam. And your guests can book a stay at the five-star Palau Pacific Resort , where a wedding package will cost you a mere $2,500 and include nearly everything you need to get married in style, such as floral arrangements, champagne, the marriage certificate, and a wedding coordinator.


Resort in Palau

Palau Travel Guide 

9. Coastal Maine
Comprising a fleet of a dozen turn-of-the-century sailing ships, Maine’s Windjammer cruises offers the perfect alternative venue for the couple who wants something different by way of a destination wedding. Get married by a licensed captain atop the Atlantic Ocean while your closest friends and family cluster around you

Maine Travel Guide 

8.Paphos, Cyprus

 Known as the “Island of Aphrodite,” the goddess of love, it’s no wonder couples gravitate toward this Mediterranean isle when searching for a site for their nuptials. Because the majority of accommodations have on-site chapels, Cyprus is the perfect spot for those who desire a religious ceremony in paradise.

Cyprus Travel Guide 

7. Little Palm Island, Florida
Located in the Florida Keys, Little Palm is a five-acre islet tucked offshore Little Torch Key and flanked by emerald-green waters. It’s accessible only by boat or seaplane, making it a quiet—and private—slice of utopia. The thatched-roof bungalows are well appointed, but the resort abides by a “barefoot” policy, meaning no electronics like televisions and telephones (not like you’ll need them anyway).

Little Palm Island- Romantic Dinner for 2

Florida Travel Guide 

6. Lizard Island, Australia
Lizard Island is one of the Great Barrier Reef’s more remote components—Hinterland Aviation  charter flights depart from Cairns a couple of times a week—it’s totally worth the cost and effort. Couples can choose among many ceremony sites, from Sunset Beach to Anchor Bay to a pavilion perched on a ridge overlooking the sparkling Coral Sea. Receptions can be hosted at a number of sites on the property: the beach, dining area, pool deck, or any of the gazebos. Packages start at $3,450, including accommodation, celebrant fee, license, a cake for two, bouquet, champagne, and beach dinner.

Nothing better than clear blue waters!!

Australia Travel Guide 

5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Emerging as the most popular international locale for Americans getting hitched, Cabo San Lucas has quite the repertoire of factors that make it so. For one, the wedding is legal in the United States as long as it’s performed by a judge (civil unions are legally recognized, religious ones are not). The paperwork for the license is extremely easy: You just fill it out ahead of time, arrive a few days early to do a blood test, and you’re all set. Most places in Cabo accept American dollars, and nearly everyone speaks English.

Love a private Suite that has a pool

Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide 

4. Tabernash, Colorado
Deemed one of the top eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the world by Conservation International, the rustic yet luxe Devil’s Thumb Ranch is the perfect venue for the bride and groom looking for an alternative to a beach locale. Sitting on 5,000 acres of privately owned wilderness just an hour west of Denver, the ranch is home to 16 luxury ridge-top cabins, each uniquely appointed in Scandinavian and European antiques and nestled among the pines and aspens.

Not only Beautiful But also know for the Eco-friendly Hotels

Colorado Travel Guide 

St. Kitts–beautiful!!!

3. St. Kitts
Picture this: Glorious sunshine, tropical setting, a train pulls up and deposits you and your spouse-to-be at the site of your nuptials. You can have all this and more on the island oasis of St. Kitts. The only Caribbean country to lay claim to a scenic passenger railway, St. Kitts is adorned with plantations and rolling sugarcane fields shimmering against a glittering sea. Following the ceremony, guests can reboard the train for the reception and continue on their merry way back to their hotel (or, more likely, the bars of Basseterre).

St. Kitts Travel Guide 

2. Muir Beach, California
Located just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, this sandy oceanside paradise feels worlds away from the cosmopolitan city that draws so many people to the area. With a protected cove and playful otter residents, and flanked by the famous redwood trees of Muir Woods, Muir Beach is an ideal setting for sunset nuptials. Holding a ceremony at the national park will cost you $400 for a small wedding (just be sure and make your reservation well in advance); you can also choose to tie the knot at the Muir Beach Overlook.

Love the night time glow for an evening wedding

Muir Beach Travel Guide 








1. Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Oddly enough, getting married in this far-flung South Pacific locale is far more affordable than in the United States. Prices for a beachfront wedding at one of Rarotonga’s poshest resorts, the Pacific, start at just $1,300, and that includes the marriage license and a team of on-site professional planners. An additional $500 gets a bride and groom a traditional vaka lagoon ride with a warrior, a ukulele serenade, a shell horn announcement by an island warrior, and a hand-woven coconut palm and flower archway. Flights for your guests are relatively affordable and easy, too: On a ten-hour direct flight from Los Angeles, you can reach Rarotonga for as little as $800 round trip.

Enjoy a boat ride with a warrior and introduction by Shell horn

Cook Islands Travel Guide 

NOTE: Destination weddings take considerable planning and research, and the best properties & accommodations often book far in advance of the wedding date. The earlier you begin planning your wedding, the greater the likelihood you will be able to book the perfect property for you and your guests.


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To Build a Regsitry or NOT to Build a Registry….

Planning a wedding can be stressful and frustrating for many couples. Appointments, Venue searching, teleconferences…You think of it and it gets added to your things to do list. Along with the preparation of your special day, your dollars are going right along with each vendor as you book them. So what can a couple do that is fun, free, and should be on your to do list? How about create a GIFT REGISTRY!!!

Many couples don’t recognize the importance of creating a gift registry and how easily it can be done. Your guests want to shower you with gifts of well wishes as you begin your new life. Below are some of the top reasons to create a registry.

1. YOU GET TO SHOP WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY– How much fun is it to shop and not spend a dime?  This is one of the only times you will have that opportunity. You can request any and everything your heart desires.

2. ASK FOR THINGS YOU ALWAYS WANTED IN YOUR HOME – You are beginning your new life as a family. To have a comfortable home that you are proud of, request the things YOU have always wanted. Consider your registry as your wish list. So put any and everything you wanted on your registry.

3. UPGRADE ITEMS THAT YOU ALREADY POSSESS– Most likely you still have some possession from your college dorm. Those items were great during that part of your life. However, now is the time to upgrade and get the latest and greatest in technology.

4. RECEIVE ITEMS YOUR REALLY WANT– Your guest appreciate not having to think long and hard on what to gift you with in celebration. By creating a registry, you save them time and convenience of purchasing items you really want to enjoy.

5. SPECIAL REWARDS– Some businesses will give you special gifts and rewards just for registry with them. So don’t forget to ask!

As a note, you should have multiple registries at different stores, to make the process simpler and easy to manage. Have each store specialized for various items. For example, have all cookware, electric appliance, and china registered at Macy’s. Register your cooking tools and gadgets at Crate and Barrel.  Being strategic and organized allows you to not register for duplicates.

Always need a great cooking set!


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For most brides everything you do is for a reason, So why let your bouquet be any different. Here is a list of meanings for various flowers courtesy of MISSMYRVOLD. Thanks!


Ever thought about what the flowers in your bouquet represent?  Below are a variety of bouquets decoded.

lily-of-the-valley – Happiness and Purity of the Heart

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

Daffodils – Represents Respect

Hymenocallis – Signifies  Beauty

Ranunculus – Dazed by your Charm

Narcissus- Symbolizes Rebirth and New Beginnings

Columbine – Folly

White Ranunculus – Innocents, Radiant Charm

Pink Ranuculus – Happiness and Grace, Radiant Charm

Plum Tulips – Declaration of Love

Violets – Modesty, Virtue and Affection

Pansies -Merriment

Muscari – Mystery, Calm and Creativity

In case you a superstitious and don’t want any bad omens at your wedding here are some potential flowers that might cast an unfavorable meaning in your bridal bouquet:

  • Larkspur – Infidelity
  • Foxglove- Insincerity
  • Marigold – Grief
  • Lavender – Distrust
  • Yellow Rose- Jealousy
  • rhododendron – Danger

To decode your bouquet or to look for inspirations check out the Teleflora website to find…

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Tradition vs Modern Twist: Bridal Bouquets


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Hey Gems!

So for our third entry to the Tradition vs Modern Twist series, we will discuss the bouquet. I have stumbled across the most beautiful and unique bouquets. Traditionally, a bride carries a handheld flower bouquet with her down the aisle. There is a variety of  styles and shapes used in a traditional bouquet. Not to mention, the assortment of flowers within an arrangement.


According to Huffington Post, the reason for the bouquet developed  in the 15th century. During that time people only bathed once a year and a bride would bathe a month prior to her wedding so she wouldn’t smell too bad.  To make sure that her groom wouldn’t run the other way once he smelled her,  she would use the bouquet fragrance to cover her bodily stench. LOL, now whether the tale is true or not, I think it’s funny!


The modern twist on the bouquet focuses on style and elegance. A new and upcoming trend on bouquets is to not use flowers but, rather brooches. The bouquets still reflect personal style and elegance. However, you now have the joy of looking at it for years to come. Take a look as some of the masterful pieces being held on to long after the wedding.

Lace, Pearls & Glitz

Lace, Pearls & Glitz- do you just love it!!!

Spring Bouquet

Taking Tradition into your own hands

This is a classic bling bouquet

Blue Garden Bouquet

Something Blue

Pink Bouquet


Etiquette for Creating Your Guest List


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ImageYou are excited and looking to plan a spectacular event. A major component to your event is deciding who to invite. While on the surface this may seem like an easy task, once you start to consider your venue, menu, decor and overall budget, you may notice that you may not be able to afford to invite everyone. So unfortunately, you look to make some cuts in the number of attendees at your special occasion. So, how do you decide who makes the cut and who doesn’t? I have a strategy to approach this task with confidence.

The goal of creating your guest list is to have family and friends who will serve as witnesses to your union and celebrations. Realize this strategy can be used for birthday parties, baby showers, or any kind of event where you need to monitor your guest list. To start your guest list you MUST KNOW THY BUDGET. Your budget is everything. You have to know what you can afford to make an informed educated decision. Without knowing your budget you can set yourself up for a disaster, and that is NOT the way to start a marriage. You can expect to spend 48-50% of your budget on your reception. Knowing how much you are working with, will allow you to know how much you can spend per person.  Once you have that number you can begin creating you guest list.

Your guest list is going to go through a few revamps before you get to the master guest list. Below are the steps to take to get to your final master guest list.

Step 1: Generate a List – Compile a list of people, who you want to invite. Have your husband to be, your parents, and your fiancé’s parents also compile a list of people they want to invite.

**usually the number of guest is divided evenly between the bride and the groom’s family.**

Step 2: Prioritize your List – Divide your list into three (3) categories, Must Invite, Should Invite, and Could Invite. Go through your list and label each person according to the categories. Must Invite are for family and friends that you could not even imagine not being present for your special day. Should invites are for friends that fall in if you didn’t meet your cap with your must invites and could invite fall in after the should invites.

Step 3: Once you have organized your list. compile it with your fiancé’s list. and parent’s list if applicable with the appropriate categories. Must  Invites will get an invitation, If there is room after the must invites move into Should and then the Could.

You then have your Master Guest List!!!

Things to keep in mind:

  • If a person you are inviting has been in a long term relationship consider inviting their signifiant other
  • Don’t feel obligated to give your single family & friends the option of a +1 ( you are paying per person)
  • Figure out if you are inviting children, they all count as a per person and towards your final number
  • You do not have to invite people you work with, Who knows how long you will continue to work with them.